Bank Simpanan Nasional is highly committed to ensure that the deliverables of our BSN Happy Rewards Programme products and services to our customers is in accordance with the client charter below:

Safe Operations

We are dedicated to ensure that services at (“the website”) used by our customers are reliable and in a safe and secure platform. With firewall facilities in our computer network, it will prevent unauthorised access which could compromise the confidentiality of our customers' details. We also provide high standards of stable and reliable environment that adhere to strict authentication process to protect and secure the integrity and privacy of any of our customers' transactions.

Privacy of Customer Information

We are committed to ensure that our customers' data and information are used according to the proper guidelines and policies. As we recognise and understand your privacy concern, we ensure that your personal and financial information will not be shared by any unauthorised parties in any unlawful and unauthorised manner. We are at all times to protect and safeguard your information as well as any other information provided to us with our strict security policies. You may view our Privacy Policy at for further details on our commitment towards ensuring our customer’s privacy.

Reliable & Quality Services

With our resources to maintain the website, we are committed to provide reliable and quality services. We have invested in well-designed and reliable systems and technologies, with the capability of providing sufficient backup in the event certain components fail. We are also committed to ensure that all staff involved in providing the services are well trained to constantly review the method and practices in order to meet your high expectations.

Transparency of Products and Services

We are committed to ensure that any disclosures of information relating to our products and services are handled in an accurate manner, at all times. We shall not engage in deceptive, fraudulent or misleading activities, with regards to products and services that we provide. It is our policy to ensure that any and all representations, statements and assurances, which are made or provided by us, are at all times accurate and true.

Prompt Response for Enquiries & Complaint

To serve our customers better, we encourage and welcome any enquiries, feedback, or comments in order for us to improve our services and help us to understand you better. In any event, we have a dedicated team to attend your feedback and enquiries as soon as possible.

For any feedback or enquiries please contact us at:

Customer Service Centre (24 hours)

Tel: 1300 88 1900 or +603-2613 1900 (Overseas)

Fax: 03-2613 1888 (General)