1. What is online Happy Rewards?
BSN Happy Rewards Programme Official Website is www.bsnhappyrewards.com.my (“BSN Happy Rewards Website”) that allows you access to register and login as a BSN Happy Rewards member to view, track and manage your Happy Points and to perform rewards redemption online.
2. Who can register and/or login as a BSN Happy Rewards member at the BSN Happy Rewards Website?
Only BSN Principal Cardmembers can register and/or login as a BSN Happy Rewards member at the BSN Happy Rewards Website.
3. How do I register to be a BSN Happy Rewards member?
You can register at BSN Happy Rewards Website based on the following steps:

Step 1: At our homepage (www.bsnhappyrewards.com.my), click on “Register”, go to “First Time Registration”.

Step 2: Register as a member with your identification document number (New IC/ Old IC/ Passport/ others) and your registered mobile phone number of your BSN Credit Card/-i.

Step 3: Upon submission, you will receive One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile phone. Key in the OTP and create your User ID, New Password & Email address.

Step 4: Once creation is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

Step 5: Upon receipt of the confirmation email, please click on the link provided to activate your account.

Step 6: Once successful, proceed to “Login” with your User ID and Password to enjoy the benefits of Happy Rewards!
4. I have more than one (1) credit card with BSN, do I need to register for all my credit cards?
No. You only have to perform one time registration. All your credit cards including your supplementary cards will be automatically registered under one account.
5. How can I view my Happy Points balance and expiry date?
After login, please click on “Account Summary” and all your Happy Points will be displayed with the respective expiry dates.
6. I am not an existing myBSN Internet Banking customer, can I still redeem my Happy Points online?
Yes. It is sufficed for you to be a BSN Credit Cardmember to login or perform Happy Rewards redemption.
7. How do I redeem online?
You can simply follow the following easy steps:

Step 1: At the homepage, go to “Redeem Rewards” and you can view all the redemption reward(s) on our online catalogue.

Step 2: To redeem, login with your registered User ID and Password.

Step 3: Select your desired reward(s) item and click “add to cart”.

Step 4: Select the redemption method(s) and confirm your delivery address.

Step 5: Upon completion, proceed to “check out”, confirm the redemption details and a message will be displayed to confirm the redemption order.

8. How do I cancel an item from the shopping cart?
Go to the “shopping cart” page, click on the trash icon to remove the item from the shopping cart.
9. Will I be given any redemption order number for my online redemption?
Yes. Reference number will be given for each redeemed item.
10. How do I view the status of my redemption order?
After login, go to “Redemption History” to view the status of your redemption order.
11. Can I cancel my redemption order?
Yes, if the redemption order is in “pending” status. You can follow the steps below:-

(a) Cancel individual item - Go to the “redemption detail” page, click on the cancel button located on the right of each item to cancel the redemption item.

(b) Cancel all items - Go to the “redemption” page, click on the cancel button to cancel the redemption order.
12. I am not a BSN Cardmember, can I go to the Happy Rewards Website?
Yes. You can still browse the website to gather information.